Writing advice from superheroes

Sketch_SueBurke_smallJasmin Gelinck, an author currently living in the Netherlands, has begun a project, PenPower Myth Debunk. She’s asked a dozen authors (including me) questions about editing and publication.

She also commissioned artist Oscar Celestini to depict us all as superheroes. My super-me portrait vaguely resembles the current Doctor Who, and I am flying!

Here are her posts so far:

#PenPower Project 1.1: Introduction to the Heroes!

#PenPower Project: 1.2 The Villain

#PenPower Myth Debunk #1: Write Every Day

#PenPower Myth Debunk #2: I have to write FAST!

#PenPower Myth Debunk #3: Rules and Fear (How to beat your writerly worries)

#PenPower Myth Debunk #4: I MUST outline

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