Five suggestions for working at home

I’ve been working from home for decades, and it’s not as easy as it looks. Let me suggest five simple-sounding practices that might help if you’re having trouble with a new job requirement:

1. Maintain a regular routine for weekdays. This includes getting up at the same time every morning.

2. Develop a different routine for weekends. Otherwise your days take on a ghastly sameness.

3. Set goals for each day. Be sure to include self-care goals: take a socially-distant walk, make a nice meal or banana bread, or plan a play date with your cat.

4. Designate a specific place for work so that when your work is done, you can go “home” — that is, to a place that is not work, even if it’s just a different chair.

5. Remember that you’ve become your own boss. Try to be a good boss.

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