SFF Addicts: A Masterclass on Revision and Rewriting

I don’t know if I’m a master at revision and rewriting, but I hate writing first drafts. I have to bribe myself to get through them. Once I have something to work with, though, I love to edit, revise, and rewrite. I think it’s where the magic happens.

Adrian M. Gibson and M.J. Kuhn, co-hosts of the SFF Addicts Podcast, and I talk about techniques I’ve learned over 50 years of professional writing (I started very young) that might help you with your writing. Every project is different, so the more techniques you know, the better.

Available today, May 9, in audio and video. Watch/stream/download it:




Any questions, ask in the comments. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “SFF Addicts: A Masterclass on Revision and Rewriting

  1. On the Podcast, I could relate to the discussion about the unseen hard work behind good writing. When I retired, I decided to write a novel. While plugging along on it, I happened to be reading The Corrections by Franzen and realized how I could never write like that. Either he was extremely gifted and/or had worked incredibly hard to make his writing flow so smoothly that that the effort was not apparent.


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