SFF Addicts and I talk and laugh a lot

Adrian M. Gibson and M.J. Kuhn, co-hosts of the SFF Addicts Podcast, chat with me in Episode 51 about my next book, Dual Memory. We also discuss plant consciousness, since I’m very fond of plants even though they’re murderous. Then they ask me about book launch jitters, which I’m not at all fond of but I very much have.

Available today, May 2, in audio and video:



Dual Memory will be released on May 16. If you’re in Chicago, come to the launch party at Volumes Bookcafé, 1373 N. Milwaukee Ave., in the Wicker Park neighborhood, at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 16, and witness my jitters. If you can’t come, you can order the book through Volumes and request an autograph, and I’d be delighted to sign a book to you personally.

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