If you need an idea…

A previous post included an idea for a story, and a reader commented, “Nice that you have so many ideas, you can give some of them away!”

Ideas are the easy part, and to prove it, here are more ideas — for free. They’re mostly for speculative fiction, although they can be adapted. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, so if you see one you like, take it and turn it into something great.


This is a philosophical story about a human who tries to ensure a place in heaven by befriending the devil — Satan wouldn’t damn a friend, would he?

This is a thriller/martial arts story in which a freelance theologian travels to New Orleans for a showdown with the Seven Deadly Sins.

This is a humorous story in which a Florida bar owner identifies aliens among her customers.

This first contact story begins when the Moon suddenly disappears, taking with it Tycho Colony.

This cyberpunk story involves artificially reformed convicts who try to make their way in a society that doubts their transformations — transformations they themselves doubt.

This is a first contact story in which aliens have based their expectations of humans on a few horror movies that somehow fell into their hands.

This is the story of a gem broker who becomes obsessed over a new kind of stone discovered at a roadside market.

This is a heartwarming story set on a planet being terraformed where a family struggles with natural disasters.

This is a story about a ghost town that reveals its secrets to a wildlife biology team studying the creatures who have made homes in the empty buildings.

This is a romance story about the first marriages between humans and extra-terrestrials, which some states declare illegal because of claims that the humans have been coerced.

This is a military SF story about an officer who adopts alien tactics to win a war on an alien world, but is then condemned as a lawless warlord at home.

This story begins when a young woman recovers the magic sword she had hidden in a past life, but she can’t remember why she hid it.

This story begins with the first baby born after the human population exceeds the supply of souls for reincarnation.

This is a satirical fantasy about the suddenly failed disarmament talks between the cynical but well-read imps of the public library and the insular garden gnomes of the park next door.

This is TV movie about a sample of contagion sent to the future to speed up work on a vaccine, but it falls into the wrong hands.

This is a murder mystery set at a 12-step meeting where a detective discovers an apparent telepath who drank to blot out other people’s thoughts.

This is a young adult fantasy about a kind and misguided tarot reader who uses marked cards to provide more “appropriate” readings.

This story is set in a place that respects its various human sacred sites but unintentionally defiles a site sacred to bears.

This story is about children on a playground pretending they are Klingons and who are suddenly faced with a great and real test of their honor.

This is a ecological thriller about a university microbiology student who decides to poke around the local Superfund pollution site to see what’s there, and gets lucky, if you could call it that.

This story starts when a couple cannot agree on the genetic attributes they want to select for their first child.

This is a heroic high fantasy novel set during a hostage situation where a would-be rescuer must defy gravity to gain access to a floating city.

This is a culture clash story in which a superstition gets passed down among Mars colonists that Earth-born humans can sense the presence of water, and the colony desperately needs water.

This is an alternate ecology story in which a wrathful wood sprite endows northern Wisconsin wild animals with an understanding of hunting regulations.

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