My plans for 2023

Grid from Scrabalize:

I have a book coming out in 2023: Dual Memory, on sale May 16 (and you can pre-order it now). What’s it about?

Antonio Moro stops running from the people who killed his family and friends, and he starts fighting — but he has no home, no job, no money, and no clothes. He doesn’t even know much about where he is. But when he gets an ally as powerful as it is naive, they find an efficient strategy: lies and deceit. If they can avoid arrest, they can create a fighting force of unbeatable strength that no one must ever detect.

 I’ll have a lot more to say about the novel in the coming months.

Meanwhile, I’m writing the third book in the trilogy that began with Semiosis and Interference. This book, Usurpation, tells what happens to the rainbow bamboo on Earth — or rather, what happens to the Earth because rainbow bamboo is growing there. It should be published in May 2024. I’ll have more to say about that, too.

(Just a reminder, my novel Immunity Index is still available.)

A book I helped translate is coming out soon — Canyonlands: The Ballad of a Quarantine. It is a fictional and deeply lyrical account of the Covid-19 quarantine in Madrid, Spain, by JB Rodríguez Aguilar. It will be published in the first quarter of 2023 by Olympia Publisher, and I’ll keep you posted.

A short story, “The Virgin Who Rescued Dragons,” will be published this fall in the Best of NewMyths Anthologies Volume 4, The Cosmic Muse. When I have more details, I’ll let you know. Yes, there are fire-breathing dragons! It was fun to write.

As always, I’m working on other short pieces, and as there’s news, you’ll find it here. I love to write, and I’m not good at New Year’s Resolutions, but I’ll try to write even more in 2023.

I also enjoy going to science fiction conventions.

From February 3 to 5, I’ll be at Capricon, one of two major Chicago-area science fiction conventions. It will be held downtown, and I’ll be on some panels. At one of them, you’ll be able to watch me write! Tammy Coxen is the panel’s moderator, so it may not sound like fun, but she’ll make it fun for all of us.

I also plan to virtually attend SFWA’s Nebula Awards weekend conference, which will be held from May 12 to 14. Details are coming.

The World Science Fiction Convention will be held this year in Chengdu, China, from August 16 to 20. I love Worldcons, but I don’t expect to attend in person this year due to scheduling conflicts. Because I voted in the 2023 Worldcon site selection, though, I’ve been granted automatic virtual membership, so I might visit online.

I’m likely to attend Pemmi-Con in person, July 20 to 23, in Winnepeg, Canada. This is the North American Science Fiction Convention, which is held whenever the Worldcon takes place outside of North America.

Windycon, Chicago’s other major science fiction convention, will be held in Lombard, a western suburb, on November 10 to 12. I hope to be there.

Finally, I plan to be on the staff of the Speculative Fiction Novel-in-Progress Bootcamp August 13 to 19 at the Siena Retreat Center in Racine, Wisconsin. It’s a supportive but rigorous week-long retreat to help early-career novelists improve their craft and their business savvy.

By the way, all these events are open to everyone, although there may be registration requirements. Check the websites for more information. I’d love to meet you there.

One thought on “My plans for 2023

  1. I once beat a Spanish professor at Spanish Scrabble in the 1980s. How is that possible? First, I literally got every high-value letter; she got not a one. Second, I knew the word “boj” (a type of bush), one of the best three-letter words in terms of value. However, third, in spite of all my advantages, I won by TWO POINTS!

    Then in Belize in the 1980s, I caught into the nice van of an older woman from Germany who had a ranch there. And boy would I pay for that! Because the price of my free room and board with Bonita was that every night we played Scrabble…in English. And every night she beat the pants off me. And my mother was an English teacher, and I once won my school’s Spelling Bee. And later, I would take my mom, a male friend of hers, and my aunt to stay with Bonita in Belize for Christmas and New Year’s; the goose we cooked for dinner was the toughest goose I have ever eaten. Ah Bonita! I miss you! (gone from this ilfe in 2000)

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