Goodreads review: “Obviously, Aliens”

Obviously, AliensObviously, Aliens by Jennie Goloboy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A young woman wants to meet with a customer, and instead she winds up with a stranger living inside her, fleeing gunfire with the stranger’s boyfriend by means of an alien form of transit.

That’s just the first chapter, and it’s funnier than it sounds.

Full disclosure: This is my literary agent’s debut novel, and if you know Jennie, you understand where all the humor comes from. It’s a wild road trip, as the book’s blurb says, with a thief, car chases, spies, a libertarian-owned cruise ship, and a very suspicious talking corgi. The thief is one of the good guys, by the way.

A lot of science fiction tropes and clichés get subverted, gently or hilariously. Much of Jennie’s job involves reading the best and worst of the genre, so she knows them well.

In the end, the book is humane. It’s filled with people and entities generally trying to help each other, although some are more competent and rational than others.

Fast action, fun dialogue, and uncommon characters. Recommended for anyone looking for humorous science fiction. There’s never enough of it.

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