“Semiosis” will have a sequel!

The contracts have been signed, the manuscript has been accepted, and the novel Semiosis will have a sequel. In it, Earth sends a mission to the planet Pax, and — no surprise — things don’t go well, for a variety of reasons. Stevland is forced to act.

I’ve begun revisions with my editor at Tor, Jen Gunnels, who is a delight to work with. The novel should come out in 2019, and the title has yet to be decided. It’s been referred to as Semiosis: Pax, but in my computer, it’s just “Pax II.”

In addition, Tor wants to buy a third, unrelated book, and I’ve begun work on that. It will be about perfect human clones and their struggle to fit into an imperfect world. At this stage in the process, which is still the zero draft (not even close to a first draft yet), it’s hard to say more because I’m still exploring the story. It should be published around 2020.

I want to thank my agent, Jennie Goloboy at Donald Maass Literary Agency, for all her work to make this happen.

13 thoughts on ““Semiosis” will have a sequel!

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    • Thank you. And here’s more news: the sequel will be titled “Interference” — because of certain kinds of interference that happen in the book. I hope you enjoy it just as much.


  2. Great news that Semiosis will have a sequel! I just finished it and wanted more. The book I am reading now is suffering because I wish I was still reading about Pax and Stevland.


  3. I’m really excited to know there will be a sequel!

    I’d also be really interested to know more about this: when the computer chose Pax over the original destination planet, what was the reason? I’m curious what the original planet was like. Perhaps you could do a parallel story where Earth is also able to send a small colony ship there as well. Presumably, the planet would be slightly more hostile to humans than Pax.


    • Good question. The original planet showed signs that it could support life, such oxygen and water, but the computer was instructed to look at the parameters for life elsewhere, too, and as it got closer looks at other planets, it found one that was “better” — that is, better suited to human life. But exactly what was better? The level of gravity, the quantity of water, the ideal amount of oxygen, the clear presence of other life, a more Earth-like length of year? The text doesn’t say, and to be honest, I haven’t fully thought that through.
      So your idea of a parallel story would be wonderful fun! What exactly was worse? And worse for humans might mean better for some other life form. Thanks! I’ll put some thought into a trip to the less-ideal planet.


  4. Ooooh – I’m so glad to hear the story of Pax didn’t end with Semiosis! I’ve just been staying up later than I should, when I have work in the morning, to finish listening to Semiosis on audiobook – and when I finished it I immediately had to look up if there was a possible sequel. Now I can finally go to sleep (and tell my sister to start read/listen to your wonderful book tomorrow!)


    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed the book — aren’t the narrators of the audiobook wonderful? I’m sorry about making you stay up, and I hope you can sleep late soon. I also hope your sister likes the book just as much.
      Again, thanks, and get some rest!


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