My critique group has published an anthology

Over the Edge AgainOver the Edge Again by Samuel Durr

We did it again. My writers critique group here in Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago has released an anthology. It shows off the high skill level of the members I’m lucky enough to critique with — and the range of our imaginations.

“As Fast as You Can,” by Julie Danvers, takes a hard look at corruption in the Fairy Kingdom. Who murdered Humpty Dumpty?

“Sport,” by Z Jeffries, examines an ugly divorce through the tender eyes of a boy fixated on comic books. Could Batman fail?

“R/truthseekers,” by Briana Shucart, narrates the pathetic implosion of a Reddit online conspiracy group.

“Milk Cow Standing in Field #48,” by Nate Currier, studies art and its meaning in an authoritarian society, using an absurdist angle. Nominated for a Pushcart prize.

“Maleficium,” by Edward Pionke, takes the point of view of an oppressor without taking his side.

“Let Me Stop You There,” by Edward Pionke, could have been titled “Am I the Asshole?” If you have to ask, the answer is yes.

“Catch and Release Protocols,” by Coleman Gailloreto, accomplishes that rare feat in science fiction: humor.

“In the Weeds,” by Sue Burke. I destroy humanity, but with a dash of marvel.

“Wild Heart,” by Samuel Durr, who also edited the anthology (thanks!), uses his experience as a hunter to explore the relationship between two people who didn’t seek each others’ company.

These nine stories have no theme besides short works that we’re proud of. By the way, new members in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood are always welcome. You can find us on Meetup:

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